FC Dila Gori made a good step forward

FC Dila Gori made a good step forward

On 1st of December FC Dila Gori played his first relegation round match against Guria from Lanchkhuti. The game was expected to be difficult and very interesting. As it turned out, the expectations met. There were big interest from local people and as well as, from Gori. The fans were supported there teams till the end of this match, which helped both teams to produce a good performance.

Before the game started, there was 1 minute of silence in memory of the plain crash of Brazilian football team Chapecoense members…

The grass on the pitch wasn’t from the best and also during the game was raining, but despite this the teams played good football and didn’t let the fans down.

The hosts dominated the first half and had many opportunities, but Dila Gori’s defenders and especially goalkeeper Mikheil Mujrishvili played very well and didn’t let the opposite side to score first goal.

First moment of the match had Tengiz Tsikaridze, who got a good pass inside the opposite’s box, but he couldn’t shoot accurately and the ball went well wide of the post.

Then, the hosts took the position and controlled the ball very well. They attacked very dangerously and had some great chances to score. Kirkitadze had a great opportunity when he got a ball and shoot from close range, but didn’t hit the ball well and Mujrishvili easily hold it.

On 7th minute, former FC Dila Gori player Tchiaber Tchetchelashvili ran fast and shoot well from long distance, but Mujrishvili controlled the situation well and calmly let the ball to cross the line.

On 16th minute of the match, close from the edge of the box was given a free kick. The opponent player Megrelishvili took that free kick, which was deflected by one of the player inside the box and then the ball hit the bar and Dila Gori survived a goal.

In the second half Dila Gori played very well and had corrected that mistakes, which were allowed in the first 45 minutes.

But the start wasn’t good. FC Guria had a great opportunity to score, when a cross inside the box was won by Luka Nozadze, which hit from his head from close range and Mikheil Mujrishvili miraculously saved the ball.

After this, the guests played very well. On 57th minute of the match Dila Gori’s legionary player Dan Kowa Koffi score his second in the championship and very important goal, which was opponent’s goalkeeper’s fault, when he couldn’t hold the ball in his hands and international Ghana player hi the ball very well – 0:1.

Dila Gori continued controlling game and didn’t let the opponent to create chances. On 67th minutes of the match, Tengiz Tsikaridze forced the opponent to violate the rules of the game and the main referee showed Guria’s player Tcheishvili and sen him off the pitch. The hosts were left with ten man.

On 77th minutes of the match, one again the opponent’s goalkeeper made a mistake and Giorgi Eristavi got the ball, but one of the defender tackled him down and penalty was given. Dila Gori got great chance to score, but the shot from Luka Razmadze was saved by the keeper.

On 82nd minutes of the match, Tengiz Tsikaridze made a good cross into the box and Romarik Etou has done well to score drom close range and finish the match. Dila Gori scored his deserved second goal – 0:2.

Dila Gory calmly finished the match and won first relegation round with a good goal difference 2:0, which is a good score for the second leg, which will take on 6th of December in Gori. The match will Kick-off at 13:00 o’clock.


Teams Line-Ups


Dila Gori: Mujrishvili ©, Karkuzashvili, Salukvadze, Koffi, Samkharadze (Etou 62’), Gongadze, Razmadze, Tsikaridze, Eliauri (Kalandarishvili 91’), Nonikashvili, Eristavi (Chakhvashvili 86’).

Substitutes: Begashvili, Tsatskrialashvili, Chakhvashvili, Lomidze, Romarik, Kalandarishvili, Kapanadze.

Head Coach: Ucha Sosiashvili.


Guria: Imerlishvili, Tcheishvili, Tevzadze (Barbakadze 80’), Chaduneli, Petersoni, Nozadze, Tchetchelashvili (Imnadze 68’), Megrelishvili, Kirkitadze, Philipe Da Silva, Adevandro Da Silva.

Substitutes: Khvedelidze, Tsintsadze, Gelashvili, Stefaniashvili, Barbakadze, Imnadze.

Head Coach: Akaki Kvernadze.


Goals: Koffi (56’) 0:1, Etou (82’) 0:2.

Yellow Cards: Tsikaridze (16’), Eliauri (23’), Nozadze (27’), Nonikashvili (30’), Tcheishvili (61; 67’), Tevzadze (76’), koffi (80’).

Sent-Off: Tcheishvili (67’).

Referee: Bakur Ninua.



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