Next season FC Dila Gori will play in the highest championship

Next season FC Dila Gori will play in the highest championship

On 6th of December in Gori was held the second leg of play-out clash between FC Dila Gori and Guria from Lanchkhuti. As you know, between these teams first round match in Lanchkhuti finished 2:0 in favor of Dila Gori, which was a good result for the today’s upcoming match.

Yesterday in Gori was snowing almost all night and before starting the match, on the pitch were technical staff, who did a hard work and cleaned the field.

The match wasn’t as much interesting as was expected, but there was some decent attacking play. In the first minutes, Dila Gori had a good attack, but finally defenders played well and cleared the ball.

In the 8th minute of the match, was given a free kick against the opponents. Giorgi Eristavi shoot the ball, but hit one of the Guria’s player.

In the 20th minute Romarik Etou played well and stole the ball from his opponent in a dangerous place, but when he tried to shoot, another defender prevented him to do it.

In the 23rd minute, Giorgi Eristavi made a good run on the flank and passed two defenders, but didn’t pass the ball to his teammate and an opponent intercepted it.

After this, Guria managed a good attack, which leaded to goal, but it was disallowed by a referee who gestured for offside. Opponent’s players protested this decision, but the decision was right.

Then was another free kick, which was taken by Kalandarishvili, whose shot was saved by the keeper.

The hosts dominated the first half and didn’t let the opponent to control the game. Next moment was, when Eristavi went through the opponent’s box and shoot the ball well, which was caught by the keeper, but he couldn’t hold it into his hands and then his teammate helped and cleared the ball.

The second half was less interested and the moments wasn’t as much as in the first half. Dila Gori had a real moment in the 71st minute, when Kalandarishvili got a ball into the opponent’s penalty area and shoot it nearly wide of the left post.

Eventually the match anded without goals 0:0, which was enough for the hosts and Guria from Lanchkhuti relegated to the lower league, but Dila Gori remained in the highest championship in Georgia and will play next season in Pro 1 League.


Team Line-Ups


Dila Gori: Mujrishvili ©, Karkuzashvili, Etou, Koffi, Gongadze, Salukvadze, Eliauri (Chakhvashvili 84’), Razmadze, Nonikashvili (samkharadze 46’), Kalandarishvili, Eristavi (Biassadila 80’).

Substitutes: Begashvili, Lomidze, Samkharadze, Papava, Biassadila, Chakhvashvili, Kapanadze.

Head Coach: Ucha Sosiashvili.


Guria: Imerlishvili, Chaduneli, Tsintsadze, Paterson (Gelashvili 77’), Megrelishvili, Tchetchelashvili, Nozadze, Kirkitadze (Imnadze 77’), Barbakadze (Stepniashvili 56’), Philipe Da Silva, Adevandro Da Silva.

Substitutes: Khvedelidze, Tevzadze, Gelashvili, Stepniashvili, Imnadze.

Head Coach: Zaza Inashvili.


Yellow Cards: Chaduneli (84’).

Referee: Goga kikacheishvili
Dila Gori;’s Press Office